Redline BMX

The History



Over the last 4 decades Redline has been a house hold name in BMX. Starting out in 1970 with 2 guys that welded swing arms and replacment parts for motocross.






      With the popluarity of Bicycle Motocross (BMX) growing and the intrest of their sons in BMX racing the challenge was issued to produce lighter yet stronger BMX parts.



From here the rest is history Redline has been the consistand leader in BMX technology from the original 76 Squareback to 2012 Flight Carbon.

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Redline Flight Pro 24
Redline Flight Pro 24 - 2012

Redline's Flight Pro 24 proves that just because you grow up doesn't mean… [more]

  Redline Covet
Redline Covet - 2011

Redline's Covet is a street machine that lives for mornings in the parks… [more]

Redline Complex
Redline Complex - 2012

Nothing's all that hard on Redline's Complex. Its full chromoly frame and… [more]

  Redline Syntax
Redline Syntax - 2012

Figure out the perfect flow from one hit to the next on Redline's Syntax!… [more]

Redline MX 24
Redline MX 24 - 2012

Redline's MX 24 is a great bike to get into cruiser class racing. It also… [more]

  Redline Proline Pitboss
Redline Proline Pitboss - 2012

Let everyone know who's in charge at the track when riding around on… [more]

Redline Proline Junior
Redline Proline Junior - 2012

Redline's Proline Junior is ready to take to the gates. This ripper is… [more]

  Redline Recon
Redline Recon - 2013

Get out and start learning new tricks on Redline's Recon. The sturdy steel… [more]

Redline Romp
Redline Romp - 2012

Get out and have some fun on Redline's Romp. Its steel frame and fork… [more]

  Redline Random
Redline Random - 2012

Redline's Random is ready for anything and everything you can throw at it.… [more]